I am available for phone readings,house parties & psychic fairs.


Meet Sweet Spirit Renee

As a little girl, Sweet Spirit Renee knew things before they happened. She heard whispers from the Other Side and knew they were trying to connect with her. In her everyday life, Sweet Spirit Renee shares her ability to "feel" the people around her, knowing what is going on in their lives without them saying a word.  


Sweet Spirit Renee has studied with many well known gifted psychics and mediums, healers and herbalists.  She has also been a featured consultant at many Psychic Fairs and Expos. She has put together Fairs and brought in new talent to assist people in moving forward in their careers as psychics and mediums.  

Renee travels extensively offering her services at House Parties, while maintaining a wonderful clientele, by offering 30 minute phone readings. 

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